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How To Grow A Twitter Account: Simple Steps

How to Grow a Twitter Account
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So how many Twitter followers do you have? Maybe you are not on Twitter yet and you feel, it’s too late to join the platform and grow an audience. In any case, how to grow a Twitter account is a skill that will get you in front of customers. In this article, I will show you how to get followers and increase your engagements. Whether you are a business or an individual, whatever your Twitter growth goals may be, this is a strategy I can guarantee will work. Following the details in this article, you will be able to grow your Twitter account organically.

As part of your digital marketing strategy or more closely social media marketing plan Twitter can be a vital platform that will position your brand. You might be asking why Twitter then of all the other social media platforms. I will answer that below.

Twitter Traffic Stats: How to Grow A Twitter Account.
Twitter Traffic

The platform is globally ranked number 5 most visited website in the world. Its monthly visitors equal the estimated world population of 7 Billion people. Visitors average 10 mins on the platform with a bounce rate of 31.63%. Still, need convincing? See the Image below a snippet from Tweeter has 229 million monetizable users as of the first quarter of 2022. To put that into a context that is 3 times the size of the UK population of 62 million as of 2020.

Number of Monetizable Twitter Population: Grow A Twitter Account.
Source Statista: Number of Monetizable Population

Finally, now that we have managed to get why Twitter is a great platform for your business out of the way. Let’s get you started on the steps to grow your Twitter account. I’m going to assume that as you are reading this article you don’t have a Twitter profile. The basic information may help you redesign and set up your account to achieve better results for those with existing accounts. So let’s get right into it, from 0 – 50 followers.

How To Grow a Twitter Account From 0 – 50 followers

1. Decide what you want to achieve

Believe it or not, being clear about why you are joining Twitter and exactly what you want to achieve is one way of guaranteeing that you will succeed. Clarity makes things simple and defines your approach to using the platform. For example, if you are focused on brand awareness it’s most likely that you are going to post about your business and self regularly. However, if you are using Twitter for engagement most of the time you will be looking at what’s trending, and retweeting other people’s content.

Decisiveness is the foundation that can be used to measure performance. In the beginning, you must set goals in terms of your actions and the results you want to achieve. Plan your content and the frequency of posting earlier on. Decide how many followers, views, and engagements you want to achieve within a certain time frame.

If you are growing your Twitter account to become an influencer, you must leverage trending topics and offer your opinion. Business profiles must focus on their products and services more. Post more about why customers must get their products and the different promotions on offer.

2. Create and setup your Bio

After coming up with a content strategy and defining your growth goals. The next step is creating your account and setting up your bio. Use your bio and profile picture to tell your audience who you are and what you are about. Branding is key and it will differentiate your business or persona from competitors.

3. Plan your first post

Your first post is like an introduction and first impressions do count. As mentioned before, being decisive is key and gives clarity on how to do things. They are so many things you can do in your first post such as introduce yourself and be descriptive about your business by offering vital information. Furthermore, you can use your first post to let customers know how to contact you outside of the platform. You could also use your first post to engage with your friends and other clients on the platform just to raise awareness.

4. Post twice a day

Consistency will make you a King or Queen. Posting twice a day consistently will help your account grow from zero to 50 followers guaranteed. to back up this information, Hootsuite suggests that on Twitter you post between 1-5 posts and on the @hootsuitebusiness channel they stick to 1-2 daily according to their article on how often to post.

The more the merrier they say. After getting your first 50 followers it’s to learn how to get 1000 followers.

How To Grow a Twitter Account From 50 – 1000 followers

1. Follow Bigger profiles in your niche

It’s time to grow our following, there is no better way than rubbing shoulders with the big guns. Following bigger profiles and engaging with their followers will create awareness to a wider audience and will increase your engagement. If you consistently add value soon more of the people from bigger profiles will start following you as well.

2. Leverage memes or keep up with trends

Twitter has a feature that, shows you trending topics in your niche and area. Leverage the trends, to get more exposure by actively engaging on the subject matter with valuable information. The more you engage on trending topics the more you will get exposed to a lot of people on the platform.

3. Increase your scheduled times

As mentioned earlier, 1-2 or two posts will suffice to kickstart your growth. However, in order to go beyond the 50 followers, a schedule of 1-5 will result in an increase in the number of engagements. It is important to study your audience at this point. Look at how often they engage and when they pay attention to your tweets the most. This information will give points as to when to post and how often.

4. Engage with other users and your followers

Earlier I mention the need to follow big accounts and engage their followers. Meanwhile, as you do that do not neglect your own followers, engage as much as possible with them. The best way to keep them engaged is by mentioning them in your post and replying to posts on their timelines.

5. Create and Optimize Twitter List

Twitter lists are curated groups of accounts that will show up in your timeline. Creating a list will streamline what you see so that you can focus on topics that will grow your business. Joining an already made list is another way to optimize. This will build up content based on interests, groups, or specific topics.

How To Grow a Twitter Account to 10 000+ followers

1. Use automation tools

To go to the next level, automation and curated content are the next frontiers. Most big profiles do not only post their own content but they post relevant well researched content. This is where a platform like Quuu comes in. Businesses need platforms like Quuu to engage audiences with useful and relevant content. Quuu will put less strain on your social media marketing team trying to generate fresh content or look for well-curated content to share.

Content Studio is also a tool that I strongly recommend for business. It is a unified social media management platform. As your business grows it helps you plan, schedule, and stay in touch with your audience on a consistent basis.

2. Analyze your result

just as mentioned above using automated tools like Content Studio will give you data analytics dashboards that bring insights into your strategy. However, you can also use the analytics from Twitter to measure the performance of your profile. Developing the habit of looking at your numbers regularly is vital if you want to grow to a million followers. Numbers tell you what is working and what is not performing well.

Do more of what is giving you more engagements and followers and less of what is not doing well. Remember numbers don’t lie they are telling you a story, so learn to listen attentively.

3. Run Giveaways, Quizzes, and Competitions

Promotional activities are always a good way to gain a lot of traction. Giveaways keep your audience engaged as they wait for the results to know if they are the winners. Furthermore, giveaways build goodwill as your audience feels there is something to be gained besides content from following you.

As part of your growth strategies run competitions. For example, competition for the highest number of shares on a piece of your content will have a double impact. First, it will increase brand awareness drastically, and second, it will keep your audience in constant contact with your brand. Another strategy you can implement with giveaways is to set an entry rule that says only followers and people who retweet are eligible for entry.


Twitter is a very powerful social media platform, for B2B, B2C, and Influencer marketing. You must have a Twitter bio that is very descriptive and informative to your audience. In Social Media Marketing platforms, consistency and planning will help you grow faster. Tools such as Constant Studio and platforms like Quuu are pivotal in how to grow a Twitter account. In this article, I outlined actions you can take to grow from 0-50, 50-1000, and to 1000+ followers on Twitter.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the topic. You are welcome to join our forum, you can also leave a comment below.

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