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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs You Might Not Know.

Best Affiliate Programs
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Affiliate programs are providing recurring cash inflow benefiting thousands of publishers every day. These publishers are benefiting through their affiliation with other businesses through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways to monetize your blog. Joining an affiliate network can increase your income while giving you exclusive access to fresh material and promotions for your audience.

So, there are various types of affiliate programs, from online courses to website builders to marketing and business affiliates. In order to make sure you can profit from the content you share, this article is going to review the best affiliate programs with the most earning potential. Most of us are already familiar with affiliate marketing, we have also defined it in our articles. For the advantage of individuals who are just learning about affiliate marketing, we shall explain it once more.

What is an Affiliate Program?

This is an agreement when a business pays a commission to an affiliate or another business for driving traffic and/or sales their way. This can be done through social media, web content, or product integration.

How do affiliates make money?

An exclusive link (an “affiliate link”) is provided to the affiliate, from which clicks can be tracked—typically via cookies. The user is then monitored by the cookie to see if they make a purchase. Therefore, the affiliate will receive a commission if users act within the given time frame.

A cookie’s “length” or “cookie life” merely indicates how long it will continue to follow a user’s online activities.

For instance, if a cookie has a 30-day lifespan, your referral must complete a purchase within that time period in order for you to receive a commission; otherwise, the lead will no longer be trackable.

 Types of Affiliate Programs.

You should choose the affiliate program that best suits your business from the various available options. You should also take into account the platforms where the majority of your audience is active while making your decision. For example, consider whether members of your buyer persona frequently browse Facebook, read blogs, or utilize search engines to find new products.

Basically, the focus of this post will be on a few affiliate marketing programs you may already be familiar with. This will assist you in brainstorming potential directions for your own marketing initiatives.

1. Elementor Affiliate Program

Commission: 50% per sale

Visitors/members: 100k/month

Pricing: $49- $999/year

Cookie period: 30 days

Affiliate earnings: $10 000+-/month.

Payment method: Stripe, direct bank transfer 

Elementor Cloud Website is a hassle-free drag-and-drop website builder. More than 7% of all the world’s websites are built using Elementor Cloud Website. Users of Elementor may scale and modify their WordPress website-building process without writing a single line of code, thanks to the hundreds of Pro widgets, features, kits, and templates. Additionally, Elementor is now the only WordPress website builder to offer cloud hosting services.

It is one of the most profitable SaaS affiliate programs due to its pricing levels, commissions, cookie life, and earnings. Affiliates will find it easier to strategically promote different plans to targeted consumers.

2. AWeber.

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie period: One year

Payment method: Paypal

Alternative earnings: $300 per account

Cookie life (alternative earnings): 45 days

Since 1998, over one million companies and business owners have chosen AWeber as their autoresponder of choice. Also, it’s a fantastic tool for newsletter and email drip campaigns.

Affiliates of AWeber have two ways to generate a significant income:

  • They offer a lifetime 30% commission through their in-house program. Plans normally run from $20 to $150 each month, so the reward can add up.
  • Alternatively, you can earn up to $300 per account with CJ Affiliate. However, instead of being a full year, the cookie life with this choice is only 45 days.

3. GetResponse.

Commission: 33% of recurring commission

Cookie period: 120 days

Alternative earnings: $135/sale

Cookie period: 30 days

GetResponse offers a wide range of marketing automation tools in addition to email marketing. These include landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, a CRM tool, etc. So, you can read reviews to learn more about GetResponse.

Like AWeber, GetResponse offers two affiliate programs that you can choose from, but you can also sign up for both!

  • Self-hosted program – offers 33% recurring commission. Its monthly payments range from $15 to $1,200, therefore, resulting in a substantial reward.
  • CJ Affiliate program – you can also earn $135 on each sale that you refer. However, compared to the 120 days supplied by the internal program, the cookie life is only 30 days.

4. FIVERR: Best Affiliate Program.

CPA Commission: $15- $50

Hybrid Commission $10 CPA + 10% RevShare

Revenue Share Commission: 30% of the order value

Cookie period: 30 days

You can promote all of Fiverr’s products and services on your own blog or website. These services include Learn from Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Business, etc.

The popular website boasts over 5.5 million members. Furthermore, it provides affiliates with a dashboard to manage and track campaigns as well as creative resources to aid in promoting their services. Therefore, the commission varies depending on the service you wish to promote. View their complete selection here.

5. SYSTEME.IO (all-in-one marketing software).

Commission: 40% recurring, 5% second tier

Pricing: $27 – $828/year

Cookie period: 180 Days

Cookie life: 360 Days

Systeme is an all-in-one marketing tool with sales funnels, email marketing, landing pages, a blog, an affiliate program, sales, and hosting of online courses.

Also, Systeme is a quick and easy marketing platform. It offers everything you need to start, grow, and scale your online business, therefore over 200,000 users rely on it.

Therefore, this affiliate network has enticing income potential and pays out commissions of over $100,000 to affiliates on a monthly basis.

6. Bluehost

Commission: $65- $130 per sale

Cookie period: 45-60 days*

Payment method: Paypal, Wire transfer, ACH transfer 

More than 2 million websites are supported by the web hosting service Bluehost. Additionally, it provides a fantastic affiliate network for any business or entrepreneur wishing to monetize their website or blog through advertising Bluehost services.

The best part is that joining their affiliate program is free, and Bluehost provides accurate tracking to make sure you get a commission for any lead you send their way. Furthermore, Bluehost provides affiliate managers who can provide assistance or tailored advice. With such a user-friendly service, there are also many Bluehost reviews that list the pros and cons of the program.

7. ActiveCampaign.

Commission: 20%-30% recurring/month.

Cookie period: 90 days

They have over 6,000 affiliate partners, helpful affiliate resources in a partner portal, and a fantastic affiliate manager.

This affiliate program also assists businesses in creating newsletters, sending triggered campaigns, and creating tailored messages using effective, user-friendly email marketing and contact management.

The affiliate program makes a recurring payment basis. Their compensation rates range up to 30% and are based on the volume of sales you generate.

ActiveCampaign has great affiliate management, over 6,000 affiliate partners, and helpful affiliate materials via a partner portal.


Commission rate: Up to$36.00 per sale

Monthly commission: 80% commission (first two months).

Annual commission -25% on their annual subscription.

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Payment Options: E-transfer, Direct deposit, PayPal.

Canva is a graphic design platform that enables users to create a variety of rich visual content, from logos to icons, posters, brochures, papers, presentations, and, more recently, videos, using simple editing tools, templates, and elements.

Canva’s affiliate program also uses cookie-based affiliate monitoring software to make sure that affiliates get a commission for any new subscribers who make purchases within 30 days of their initial click on your link. Depending on whether the new sign-up purchased a monthly or annual plan, earnings may vary.


Commission rate: 35% per recurring commission/sale (gold members)

                               : $0.20 per month (for free signup).

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Payment Options: Cheque.

The biggest and most reliable affiliate network in the world, ClickBank, is in charge of running the Idplr Products affiliate program. So, this guarantees that you get your cheques in the mail on schedule, every two weeks.

  • Earn 35% commissions on all purchases and get paid via ClickBank.
  • For each free member you refer, you will receive $0.20.
  • Create a list by collecting the name and email of each person you refer.

10. SNOVIO (CRM software).

Commission model: Revenue share

Commission: 25% (for up to 12 consecutive monthly plan purchases, or 1 purchase of a yearly subscription)

Cookie lifetime: 90 days

Available on: own platform

Snovio is a versatile B2B platform that satisfies the demands of those looking for high-quality, updatable leads.

You earn passive revenue by merely explaining to your audience how boosts sales.  When you become an affiliate for, you start getting paid for every referral. It is quick and simple to sign up and the commission is attractive which therefore makes it one of the best affiliate programs. Also, there is no restriction on how many persons you can recommend to and no cap on cash-outs.


Commission rate: 20%-30% per sale.  

  • Domains: 20%
  • Hosting: 35%
  • SSL Certificates: 35%
  • Private Email: 20%
  • Premium DNS: 20%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Payment Options: PayPal, Direct Deposit

Accepted countries: Global (some restrictions)

Since the year 2000, NameCheap has established itself as the top supplier of affordable domain names and online services. It offers domain names with periodic sales and coupon offers start at $8.88 (for. coms). Due to its outstanding stellar reputation, affiliates enjoy great conversion rates.

So, as one of the best in its class, the NameCheap domain affiliate program offers high-paying commissions along each stage of the sales funnel, including up-sell offers and ongoing services.


Commission rate: 30%-50% recurring

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Payment Options: Paypal.

YouTubers can promote their channel and perform complicated SEO tasks like keyword research, video SEO; etc, with the help of Tubebuddy.

In addition, TubeBuddy is accessible via their official website, mobile app, and Chrome Extension on your PC. When a user signs up for one of TubeBuddy’s plans, you will receive a lifetime 50% recurring compensation from the company. The monthly feature price for TubeBuddy starts at $9.

You become a VIP affiliate upon referring 50 individuals, and a super affiliate upon referring 250.  However, you are a standard affiliate for 1 to 50 referrals.


Commission rate: 35% recurring/sale

Free trial period: 14 days

Pricing: $37 – $197/month

Payment Options: Paypal.

 ClickMagick is a top platform for tracking and enhancing websites. The platform assists in tracking a variety of metrics, including clicks, conversions, return on investment (ROI), and revenue. It is an excellent substitute for Google Analytics when it comes to tracking and optimizing PPC campaigns. Also, it has a lucrative affiliate program.

So, your audience, business strategy, and budget will determine which of the many ClickMagick promotion options you use. Some methods of Clickmagick promotion methods include email marketing, banner ads, social media, podcasts, videos, blog posts; etc.

14. RYTR Program.

Commission rate: 30% recurring/month

Cookie period: 30 days

Pricing: $9/month – $290/year

Payment Options: Paypal.

Rytr, an AI-powered writing helper tool, was introduced In April 2021. It is used to produce a variety of content, including highly converting emails, blog articles, Facebook advertising, product descriptions, SEO titles, and many more.

Furthermore, for writing emails, landing page copy, taglines, reviews, articles, profiles, etc, Rytr leverages GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology.

Basically, GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to generate text that is human-like. So, in terms of quality, it is exceedingly challenging to tell the difference between text created by this technology and text authored by humans.

Rytr can therefore be used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, copywriters, etc to create content.  An affiliate earns a commission from Rytr when users sign up and become paying customers through your affiliate link.

15.  CONTENT STUDIO – Best Affiliate Program.

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission/sale

Cookie period: unknown

Payment Options: Paypal, Bank transfer.

 ContentStudio is a content curation tool specifically used for blogs and social media. It has earned the trust of more than 18000 users who rely on it for their demands. Articles are arranged by ContentStudio along with pertinent pictures and videos. It is, therefore, the simplest way to schedule posts and find fresh content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium.

So, ContentStudio can be promoted by affiliates via emails, newsletters, blogs, reviews, videos, webinars, and other online content.

16.  QUUU Program.

Commission rate: 25% recurring commission/month

Cookie period: unknown

Payment Options: Paypal.

Quuu is a platform for finding content and quickly sharing it on associated social networks. So, users are encouraged to choose categories of interest depending on the content they want to post on their social media platforms.

Currently, there are two main Quuu Promote plan options available to you:

  • Manual sharing of content for $50 per month plus.
  • You may automatically share material from your RSS feeds for $75 per month. Quuu Promote will develop various social copy versions.

Therefore, if you join forces with Quuu, you can earn 25% recurring commissions by promoting its services. Furthermore, there is a 35-day grace period that allows for any potential cancellations or refunds. Commissions are paid out 35 days after a user converts.

17. EZOIC Program.

Commission rate: 3% recurring commission/total revenue

Average earnings: $1600/month

Cookie period: 30 days

Payment Options: unknown

Ezoic platform used A. I adaptively display adverts based on a viewer’s location, demographics, preferred ad types, etc. as a result, this translates to fewer ads running on your website, an enhanced user experience, and the ability to earn the most money possible. Generally, Ezoic guarantees the best user experience and the highest revenue.

Ezoic offers one of the best affiliate programs, therefore making it easy for you to earn money quickly from home. It also has a recurring commission, is simple to promote, and has established itself as one of the top networks in the industry.

What is the potential revenue from the affiliate program?

You can earn 3% of a publisher’s overall earnings from all traffic they send through the Ezoic affiliate program. So, your profits are determined by how long a user uses the ad network. Ezoic estimates an average of $1,600 earnings per month (or roughly $50 per conversion) from users.

You have 30 days (the cookie length) after someone clicks on your link to get them to sign up. Also, you won’t be given a commission for the conversion if they sign up after this window has passed. But, If users sign up but wait until after 30 days to start using EzoicYou will still be given credit for the sale. However, there are some scenarios in which you might not receive the commission, such as when a prospective customer clears their cookies, signs up with a cookie blocker or clicks on another affiliate link before making a purchase.


It can be overwhelming to get started with affiliate marketing, considering the many affiliate marketing programs available, not to mention the many more we didn’t cover in this article.

Now that this article has covered some of the best affiliate programs available, you can choose and test your options. However, each affiliate program has its own pros and cons, so it is advisable to focus concentrate on multiple programs. There is no limit to the number of affiliate programs you can promote. What counts is their relevance to your audience.

Additionally, in order to draw in your audience, increase your influence, and boost your income, you must grasp the strategies of the programs you choose. I hope this guide helps you to make the right choices and start your affiliate marketing journey.

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