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How to Increase Website Speed For Free

How to Increase Website Speed For Free
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At the beginning of my blogging journey, my website was very slow and leggy. Even with little content, I could not just understand how to make it load faster. I knew sight speed contributed to SEO, SERPs, and a good user experience so I tried many things. I would use Google’s Pagespeed Insights on a regular basis to see if there are any improvements from the changes but none. Today I can proudly say I found the solution and my results in google insight have indeed significantly improved. The image below shows how well my website is now performing on-site speed for both mobile and desktops. I manage to achieve this for free and I’m going to share with you how I managed to increase my website speed for free. I will also share the factors that affect website speed so that you can avoid the same mistakes.

Website Speed Results from Google Page Insights.
Digital Freshman: PageSpeed Insights

The results that you see above were achieved using Ezoic. There is a number of factors that I will discuss in the following section including how you can use Ezoic Leap to increase your website speed for free. However, to solve a problem you must first understand the root cause. So next let’s briefly look at what causes websites to slow down.

What Causes Website To Become Slow

  • Java script problems
  • Huge Image Sizes/unoptimized Images
  • Lack of caching
  • Low resources on the server(Memory, Storage, Processing speed).
  • High Traffic
  • Flash content
  • Too Many Ads

If you want easily understand how to increase your website speed then the list above is a good place to start. When I was just staring I did not pay attention to all those factors and that was my downfall. When I came to ads I thought the more the merrier as long I can get more revenue. I never bothered to check the size of my images I thought as long as there was enough space there is no need to worry about anything.

I also had a lot of banner affiliate ads that used javascript code which contributes to slowing down the website. As far as server resources are concerned that has never been an issue. I use Contabo to host my website on a Contabo VPS plan. It is very affordable with better resources than other virtual private servers. If you are struggling with site speed because of little computing resources on the server or you are on an expensive shared hosting plan. I strongly recommend you join Contabo. I wrote a review which you can read and instructions on installing WordPress on a VPS for your blog.

Switching to Contabo will eliminate the issue of storage and resources. But however, regardless I still had performance issues. My images were not optimized and I didn’t have a CDN, I couldn’t even afford one. I then discovered Ezoic which helped me solve the majority of the problems I was facing.

How I increased my website speed using Ezoic

Ezoic views itself as a technology company that helps website owners boost their revenue and the performance of their websites. They offer two important features which are both free. firstly, the Ad tester which uses AI for ad placements to maximize revenue potential based on location. Secondly, there is Ezoic Leap, which influences web speed, core web vitals, and load times.

I’m currently using both services. The ad tester pays more than Google Adsense which is a bonus. My favorite product is the Ezoic Leap which I’m currently using for this website’s core web vitals. To use Ezoic Leap and Ad Tester so that you can get more revenue from your website Click Here to get started with Ezoic. Once you join Ezoic they will give you a walk-through on how to set up all the necessary features to make your website faster. So what features do I use from Ezoic Leap to help speed up my site?


There are many factors that can cause the core web vitals of your website to fail and drop significantly. Ezoic Leap is one of the best free tools on the market to increase your website performance. The company will give you video tutorials and support on how to configure your website with Ezoic Leap. I’m using Ezoic Leap and it has been a success so far. I hope you will enjoy the same benefits as me.

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